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I have more than one wall, how should I measure?


Connecting Walls (Same Design)

If you would like your mural to cover connecting walls, simply measure the width and height of each wall individually and add the width dimensions together. If you order with these sizes then we will then produce your order as one large mural. Please make sure you take the longest height measurement from the two walls.

Alternatively, you can use our contact form and send us each walls dimension in the following format.

Wall 1:




Paper Type (if known):

Please specifiy the order the walls are in i.e. walls left to right are wall 1, wall 2.

We will then decide if they should be combined as one mural or created as separate murals that are designed to match. 

Separate Walls (Different designs)

Our website currently only allows you to purchase one mural at any one time. If you would like to purchase multiple murals. Simply head to our contact form and provide the murals you would like in the following format. 





Paper Type:

One of our customer service team will then create your order and respond to your email with a payment link, invoice and image proofs for your approval. 

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