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6 Classy Wallpapers For Preppy Sophisticates

Perfect for those with refined tastes and a sense of sophistication, we've pulled together a collection of wallpapers that keep it classy. From decorated artworks to modern minimalism, these prints will help reflect your suave and swanky style.


Starry Night by Van Gogh Art Mural Wallpaper - £36.00 /m2

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Or why not branch out with another of Vincent’s classics? This Almond Branch mural makes for a dazzlingly hypnotic feature wall that will have lost in its beauty for hours. It’s perfect for a classy interior that celebrates the power of vintage.

Almond Branches by Van Gogh Wallpaper - £36.00 /m2

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Declutter with clean lines

If you’re more of a modern art lover, then this sleek geometric print might be more your thing. Designed by our in-house team, this minimalist print provides the perfect backdrop for a clutter-free lifestyle. As if it were sliced with Occam’s razor, this clean-cut print keeps it simple and to the point; ideal for no-nonsense sophistication.


Trapeza Wall Mural - £36.00 /m2

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Honour the ombre

Colour can be a difficult element to a classy interior but this ombre fade wallpaper print manages to keep it bright while maintaining a level of reservation. Great for mindfulness too, not only does this wallpaper reflect your refined tastes, but puts you in a calm and positive place each and every day.


Pastel Horizon Painting Wall Mural - £36.00 /m2

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Make it monochrome

Nothing says bourgeois like a metropolitan print and this clean illustration of the Parisian rooftops captures that essence like nothing else. With maximum detail and minimum colour, this wallpaper provides intricacy without the ostentation.


Paris Rooftop Illustration Wall Mural - £36.00 /m2

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Marvel with marble

Marble is a texture that says ‘mature’ but not ‘old-fashioned’. It’s a classic that is coming back on trend and with our faux-effect marble wallpaper, you can have all the power of the texture without the cost of the renovation. A great way to achieve classy with an every-day solution.


Classic White Marble Wallpaper Mural - £36.00 /m2

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