How to transform a Small Space with Wallpaper Murals

Choosing to install a mural in you home can be daunting, especially when looking to decorate a smaller space. However, there are several clever and creative ways to style a petite room using wallpaper murals. Adding feature wallpaper to your walls can really create space and make for a much more comfortable room to spend your time in.


Ocean Mist Blue Ombre Wall Mural - £36.00 /m2

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The tonal effect of the ombre wallpaper murals act as an illusion, making the wall seem taller and therefore make the room look bigger. The tones of the misty blue and pastel colours are calming, yet bright and illuminate the corners of the room. This mural works especially well in small spaces when paired with bold furniture, to create depth and and make close quarters feel spacious.


Sea Haze Patterned Ombre Wall Mural - £36.00 /m2

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The soft blue hues and bright orange sunrise shades in the Sunset Clouds mural; mixed with the textures and layers of the sky and the clouds; adds depth and contrast to your walls. This varied backdrop enables you to experiment with layers of furniture. The mural’s muted tones give a calm feeling, and the brighter colours lift your space and make the room feel loftier.


The grand landscape of Tuscany acts as a perfect backdrop to a small space. Adding a landscape mural is always a go-to option if you’re looking to achieve a big impact in a small space. With this particular landscape mural of the beautiful Tuscany mountain side, the natural ombre effect of the sky and distant horizon creates an optical illusion, making the wall look and feel taller than it is, therefore making the room look bigger.


Sunset Clouds Wall Mural - £36.00 /m2

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Tuscany Mountain Wallpaper Mural - £36.00 /m2

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The large geometric shapes of the Wegner design also work really well in small spaces, because of the scaled up patterns. The oversized design stretches the wall, from floor to ceiling and utilises the space you have in the best way possible, making it feel much airer and spacious. The Wegner design goes really well with minimalist furniture, to allow the mural to do the talking.


When styling a small interior space, it is important to take note of the nooks and crannies of your room, and understand the direction of light flow. Choosing where to place your wallpaper mural in order to optimize the space that you have can be tricky, but we have a few tips on how to make the decision.


It is essential that you avoid placing your wallpaper mural on the same wall as a window when trying to create an airier space, as doing so will make it harder for the light to flow into the room. Instead, choosing the wall directly opposite the window will allow the light to flood the room and act as a spotlight onto the mural, allowing the textures and layers of the design to take full effect.


Wegner Colourful Retro Wall Mural - £36.00 /m2

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In short, the size of your room should not restrict your interior design choices! Wall murals offer an inexpensive solution for making the most of your room, regardless of the dimensions. By selecting designs similar to those above and working to enhance the natural light where possible, you can transform your small space into a beautiful, airy and bright space – after all, good things come in small packages.


New York Landscape Wallpaper Wall Mural - £36.00 /m2

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