Achieve a Powerful yet Glamorous Office Space with these Motivational Girl Boss Wallpapers

Female empowerment has consistently been a hot topic in culture, design and social media. With feminist role models stepping up and taking centre stage, the female voice now seems to be stronger than ever. To celebrate the self-empowerment movement, Murals Wallpaper has designed a bespoke motivational Girl Boss wallpaper mural collection, hoping to encourage girls of all ages to pick up their pen and believe they can achieve their dreams.


Let’s Do This Motivational Wallpaper - £36.00 /m2

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The Girl Boss wallpaper murals feature beautifully designed backdrops that fit every girl boss’ taste, and the ‘Let’s Do This’ mural works great in minimal spaces. If you’re looking for an inspiring feature wall, or a hint of botanical to boost some freshness into your office space, this mural is a chic choice.


A good tip for styling a home office is to mix the textures and furnishings of the room. Throwing in a sheepskin rug or a little blanket really warms up the feel of a room, making for a much comfier workspace that you’ll want to spend more time in, and with a Murals Wallpaper motivational design on your wall, you’ll know you have the perfect space to be productive.


Make it Happen Motivational Wallpaper - £36.00 /m2

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‘Make It Happen’ is a great mural for the go-getter, the do-ers – the entrepreneurs of the future. Make It Happen, whatever your plans are, big or small, short or long-term, make them happen – one step at a time. With a beautiful geometric backdrop of pale pink, contrasted with a playful white dotted texture, this is a super feminine and impactful mural, that will look great in a stylish home or commercial office space.


When styling these motivational wallpaper murals, stock up on cute plants and office accessories. Contrasting textures and colour palettes are the essentials for a powerful Girl Boss office space. Notes of copper and rose gold mix well with the colour palettes and add a little extra glam to the room, inspiring a happier and more productive day.


Besides, shiny surfaces and beautiful decor makes any girl boss happy… and happiness fuels productivity.




Good Vibes Only Motivational Wallpaper - £36.00 /m2

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The ‘Good Vibes Only’ mural symbolises balance and will radiate the positive vibes of crystal healing into your office space. This wallpaper is great for individuals who feel strengthened by beautiful surroundings and motivational messages,

– which is every individual, right?


If you lean more towards the more minimal style however, the ‘Work Hard Stay Humble’ mural is perfect for you. Paired with enchanting hints of greenery, it brings a breath of fresh air into any office space. Combined with a neutral decor of greys and whites, these murals look effortlessly beautiful. Adding a little black into the mix will add some bold contrast to the room to finish off your home office perfectly.

If you’re a Girl Boss yourself or aspiring to be, these Motivational Wallpaper Murals are refreshing and ideal for encouraging you and the people around you. They’re a great first step in kick-starting your own business, or inspiring your employees to aim for the stars. They also work great outside of the office. The designs can excite any little budding Girl Boss, can motivate a teenager to get through their studies and essentially spread good vibes and personality throughout your home.



Work Hard Stay Humble Motivational Wallpaper - £36.00 /m2

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