Millennial Pink: How to achieve the Hot Pink Trend with Murals Wallpaper

Millennial Pink has been one of the hottest trends in the past year and it is here to stay. You might have seen it around on the fashion scene for a while, particularly popular with the 21st century individuals, but it’s broken into the interior world too. If you are just as excited about the millennial pink trend as we are, read on, as we will be giving you the best tips and tricks on how to style your home pink with this millennial super trend.

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Famous film director, Wes Anderson, has been credited with the popularity of this shade, and millennial pink is a frequently used colour in his oh-so-artistic films. His film sets have now become synonymous with this influential trend, and the interior world is beaming with millennial pink and pastel colours.


A trend for one and all


Mr. Anderson is known for going to the extreme with fully themed room sets however, but this doesn’t mean to say that you should too. Millennial pink is a trend everyone can be part of, whether you want to scale it up or keep it minimal. It also works great across the board, for both childrens and adult bedrooms, playrooms, adult living rooms, family dining rooms – you name it! This is one of the best things about designing your interior space – you get to choose the exact feel of your room with the furniture and accessories you style it with.



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The murals have been styled in a variety of different rooms, some with minimal, colour-coordinated furniture, others with contrasting colour and textures. Both styles work beautifully, depending on the look you are aiming for. A dark coloured chair like the dark grey sofa from BoConcept works really well as a statement piece with your millennial pink backdrop. It looks great alongside the pink mural, and balances out colour tones. You could also style it with modern, minimal chairs for a super sophisticated dining room, just as we have done in the image below. The subtly different tones of pink play nicely with the textures of the wallpaper mural. Adding a few plants and simple but luxurious accessories really glams up the room, and brings it all together.



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Millennial Pink is not as daunting as you may think it is. You don’t have to be a top trend setter to hop on the millennial pink wagon. The wallpapers are perfect for adding a fresh take on glamour to the home, or anyone who just loves a bit of pink! It really caters to a lot of tastes, so for your next redecoration project – think pink!



Pink Cracked Marble Wall Mural - £36.00 /m2

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